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Western Canada IT News
Welcome to Western Canada IT News!

Hello and let me be the first to welcome you to the Guru2Go Western Canada IT News! This resource is intended to be a clearinghouse within which Canadian Tech Gurus can look to for news and information about IT goings-on in Western Canada.

I invite e-mails and messages from everyone on how to grow this resource so it may not only represent the Guru's views, but a diverse cross-section of other ideas out there as well. And don't forget to sign up today!

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About Forums

Welcome to Forums!

This resource is intended to be a community within which Western Tech Gurus can talk, exchange ideas and opinion, and network.

Be sure to register NOW and help make this community your own!

Are you gainfully employed in the Western Canada IT Sector?
Nope, not in Sector
Nope, but I'm looking
Yep, but I'm marginally involved
Yep, but I want something more relevant to my skills and interests
Yep, and my career is doing just fine here
Yep, and I can't beat 'em off with a stick!
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